Sign and Referent

By way of a presentation on bioinformation, Luciano Floridi, writes that he will do his part to help answer the question of "what is life?" at an upcoming conference in Japan. The Nishinomiya-Yukawa Memorial International Syposium "seeks to provide a multidisciplinary framework to tackle the nature of life in its many forms."

Floridi is often credited with pioneering Philosophy of Information, or PI. This introduction to the field might interest some of you.

While computation biology, informatics and analytical and experimental philosophy (see the about page) can quickly exceed my very limited technical skill, these fields operate at the intersection of what we know through sensation and what we obtain through the intellect. Floridi's post thus raises a big question for me - namely, to what extent can the problem of knowledge be overcome?

The answer to "what is life?" would seem to lie between.

It seemed like an appropriate follow-up to last week's post on epigenes.


Wikipedia: bioinformatics, semiotics