Meeting the Wizard, Woz


Georgia Popplewell, who along with Amira Al Hussaini I had the great pleasure of meeting in Louisville, has made a terrific photostream available at Flickr, which includes the picture above of an unfortunate struggle over an iPhone in Louisville.

The iPhone was uninjured. Thanks Georgia for using creative commons!

Here are some other IF-related items you might enjoy:

Having seen Michio Kaku, Brandon Keim at Wired Science wonders about an imminent Rapture of the Physicists.

Peter Ha at Crunchgear points out that it really was possible to meet the Wizard, Woz, in Kentucky and offers his own photo proof.

My friend and entrepreneur Rob May - aka Businesspundit - offered his thoughts on Wozniak as well.

Evgeny Morozov blogged Ethan Zuckerman's articulation of the Tao of the 'Net, or "Why peace, love and international understanding are harder than it might seem." Evgeny also covered environmental artist Ned Kan, fashion designer Karen Walker and the presentation on swarm robotics by James McLurkin, a posting that wound up being Slashdotted. Being much too busy blogging as well, I didn't meet Evgeny. It's my loss.

Finally, Steve Hardy, who I thoroughly enjoyed meeting and who edits one of my favorite blogs, Creative Generalist, muses on the conference, Louisville and bourbon. Thanks, Steve, for coming to town. I hope to see you again!