Empiricism, middle science

I was a government major (political philosophy, really) at St. John's University in Minnesota in the early 1980's. It's been a while, but I recall a definition of philosophy that has endured beyond the dense logic that was the curriculum. Thanks Rob for bringing it to mind.

It goes something like this: "philosophy is the science of shared experience."

If so, it's the science that occurs before and after the chemist's roux and the physicist's math. Epistemology, the study of what we (can) know, is useful, for example, in determining what constitutes evidence. Teleology is the study of proper ends, as in, "to what end?"

Some of the best instructors I had were Benedictine monks, who were, and are, seekers of the finest sort. So if the definition above offends, feel free to let them know. I would, however, avoid a debate. Philosophy brings a crushing logic to bear on casual challenges.

I know.


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