Bradbury: science starts with imagination

In a news and notes post, Centauri Dreams points out an article on Ray Bradbury in the Gainesville Sun, "Vintage Bradbury, packaged anew," which says that the author will be out with material this month, some of it never before published. The quote below interests me, partly because it captures something deeply true about creativity, and partly because the writer will appear live and in three virtual dimensions at the ideaFestival, repackaged, as it were, in a different sort of way.

'I'm surrounded by my metaphors,' said Bradbury, who acknowledgesthat the science in his books is often faulty and serves only as a vehicle for his fiction. He'll provide the inspiration, he says, and let the scientists worry about the particulars.

'The arts and sciences are connected,' he continued. 'Scientists have to have a metaphor. All scientists start with imagination.'

If you haven't seen it, Steven Pinker also addresses the power of metaphor in this month's Discover. That article should be available online soon. 

Read the entire Bradbury article for yourself. And while your at it, take a side trip to Centauri Dreams, which is consistently a source of news and ideas at the edge of science fact.