Bringing life to wind and wire

When it snakes through the tree tops, what does the wind look like? What, really, flows through a wire when the light is turned on?

If you've ever asked questions like these, you might be interested in seeing Ned Kahn, an acclaimed artist who uses fluid dynamics, optics and acoustics to bring to life what science picks apart, to make present what is real only in mind and math.

Science can give you the wire, an abstraction we call electricity and the result - LIGHT! - but there are, as this interesting article on the artist suggests, limits to what science knows.

In bringing life to the wind and wire, Kahn spans the problem of knowledge.

Kahn is a recipient of a 2003 MacArthur genius grant and a 2005 National Design Award for environmental design.

Access passes for this FREE event, An Aesthetic of Turbulence, are available online