Michio Kaku, time engineer

Theoretical physicist Michio Kaku, who will be appearing at the 2007 ideaFestival, September 13 - 15 in Louisville, Kentucky, recently said in a London Telegraph article, "A Brief History of Time Travel," that time travel was not only doable - though obviously very difficult - but went so far as to dub the possibility an "engineering problem."

His session at the upcoming ideaFestival, "Parallel Worlds...," will continue that theme, exploring "the strange realm of parallel universes, time warps, higher dimensions and the future of the Cosmos."

I'm not saying he can perform teleporting feats - I mean, seriously folks, only Ray Bradbury can do that - but if you're prepared to have your mind moved hither and yon, the price is certainly right.

Just sign up on line for your free event pass.

Besides, your money's no good where you're going.