Conference blogging 101

In what must be the first ever comparison between the two, Ethan Zuckerman likens conference blogging to scoring a baseball game. A certain amount of attention and willingness to be in the moment is required.

Having watched Ethan live-blog IF last October - and looking forward to seeing him at the ideaFestival again in September, where he is slated to speak - I'd have to agree with others who have watched him at work: his power to blog on the spot is mighty impressive. I've wondered in the past how he did it.

Now I know.

His list of tips and tricks reads like conference blogging 101 and will be pinned inside my pack along with my Macbook and blogging supplies. If you've got your own ideas for what makes a successful conference blogging experience, why don't you leave him a comment? The comment thread below his post is interesting as well.