"Open brands, loosely joined"

At the Adobe "Think Tank," designer Adam Greenfield offers his perspective on the developing field of experience design. Pointing out the problems with attempts at end-to-end branded experiences, and drawing from his experience with Web technology, he suggests a design strategy akin to "open brands, loosely joined:"

We've seen that highly designed experiences tend to suffer from aconsistent range of limitations: physical components that are fragile, unreliable, or not delivered to specification to begin with; difficulties integrating those components with online environments, with desktop or mobile applications, and with human participants; and finally, the inherent unpredictability of any attempt to maintain consistent feel across technosocial systems of heterogeneous type and nature.

Could it be that more headway will ultimately be made when designers conceive of desired experiences as overarching but essentially open narratives, into which individual consumers can insert or extract components at will?


Hat tip: Putting People First.