John Gaeta interview posted

John_gaeta_01Photo: Geoff Oliver Bugbee,

Chaz Rough at PodFactory has posted the latest IF podcast.

Fresh from a sit down interview as part of the 2006 ideaFestival formal agenda, pictured above, Oscar winner John Gaeta follows up with a few quick remarks on the future of screens.

Some quick hits from the ten minute audio:

  • He's pleasantly surprised by the quality and production value he sees in some YouTube content.
  • Film marketing could be turned on its head. The step by step product roll out of products based on feature films could be reversed. Who knows what other media, like World of Warcraft, might spawn films?
  • The gaming industry wants to open up the medium to the casual gamer. The Wii paddle helps move that along.
  • Television will find levels of engagement to keep its audience.
  • Asked about his current (October, 2006) projects, he says he has recently directed two short films. In one, some gaming platforms were used to generate visual effects. Another short took its inspiration from Japanese cinema.

Have a listen. IF podcasts may also be found to the upper left of IFblog.