What is virtuality? Big question. Phillip Rosedale, the guy behind Second Life, describes what he believes it means in this Long Now Foundation seminar video.

Honestly, two young boys and the demands of family life are enough keep me away from the screen except when I'm writing, but the question does interest the philosopher and geek in me. Yes, the figures of actual users might be inflated - I cop to signing up and never participating - and some problems really must be addressed in flesh and blood, but when representational systems can include not only mathematics, but biology, when they includes us, that's news. I have little doubt that digital worlds are here to stay.

Rosedale talks below to his audience about the very real issues raised in these places while simultaneously walking and flying though island life. It's nearly an hour and a half long, so you may need to view it in multiple settings sittings.

For the moment a well told story on film or stage says more to me.

But decide for yourself what virtuality, what the future, means to you. 

Hat tip: Yuri van Geest at Inspire! Go read his introduction to the clip as well. Wayne