Update on "One Laptop" and TEDGlobal2007

Ethan Zuckerman offers an update on the One Laptop Per Child project direct from Nicholas Negroponte, who makes clear that it isn't a computing project, but an educational project. If you haven't seen video about the little machine, OLPC.tv features just that. Here is one from May 22:

Ethan is also currently blogging - I mean, seriously blogging - TEDGlobal, which is underway in Arusha, Tanzania as I write this. There are many, many posts, but I'd have to hand in my geek credentials if I didn't at least point out the entry on "ethnomathematician," Ron Eglash, titled African Fractals. As represented in African and Islamic architecture, fractals have some pretty interesting properties, the study of which I've elsewhere called Zenography.

See Ethan's TEDGlobal2007 category for a complete list of posts from Arusha. [Update] And don't forget to make the trip to TEDblog for a "best-of" round up of posts and quotes.