Is this the most ambitious genetic anthropology research initiative in history?

IBM and National Geographic have partnered to trace the migration patterns of human kind over the last 50,000 years.

In an interview posted on the IBM web site, Dr. Ajay Royyuru, computational biologist and lead scientist for the Genographic Project, says that though he would do the project simply to understand the full scope of human diversity, there are other very good reasons for producing a map of the human genetic road. He lists this potential project outcome:

The understanding of how medicine relates to a population, why one solution works for some people and not for others, how to minimize side effects and maximize benefits, these are all very important for the future of healthcare. And to reach this understanding, you have to get to the root of what population diversity means. The data from the Genographic Project, while not having any medical content, will far exceed anything we could ever get in a medical study.

National Geographic maintains this page and news about the project.


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