Branding randomness

And I was worried that I wouldn't bring you anything original today.

If you have a need for true randomness - not the fake, mamby-pamby, computer-generated kind, why not use the natural phenomenon of space? According to Alan Boyle's Cosmic Log, the British-based company, Yuzoz, wants to do just that, using celestial data to apply the industrial cosmic-strength randomness of space to meet random needs on Earth.

Why, you ask?

[Jeff Manber, who developed the idea] envisions having Yuzoz-branded randomness incorporated into computer games (which relies quite a bit on random numbers), offered through cell phones for picking lottery numbers, plugged into computer-generated musical compositions and engineered into architectural lighting schemes.

'Yuzoz is in part an artistic project,' Manber said. 'You either get it or you don't. If you would enjoy walking into a cathedral and having the lighting patterns change based on space, you get it.'

I can see the marketing campaign now. "Is it random? Is it Yuzoz?"

If I can just harness this energy to generate IF posts, I'll never bore again.