Video shorts for the mobile Big Screen

An Ithaca college dean is inviting students to deliver a 30 second film shot by and for cell phones.

The winner will receive $5,000. There are an estimated 2 billion cell phone users worldwide, with nearly 200 million of those in the United States. About 130 million Americans have phones with camera capabilities and roughly 60 - 70 million phones are capable of shooting video.

The rules according to the CNN story are simple:

There must be a story, a narrative and sound, and the film must be shot on a cell phone. The movies can be edited digitally on a computer or a cell phone that has editing functions.

Because some cell phones can shoot film at higher resolutions, all submissions will be judged in basic VGA (video graphic array) quality to ensure fairness.

The only surprising part of this story is that SBC or Verizon didn't sponsor the contest.