Risk is a verb

Julie Fleischer at Innovation Ecosystem links to a Rotman Magazine article on risk. Instead of acting to mitigate its downside, the article she cites, "Embracing Risk to Learn, Grow and Innovate," discusses ways to manage the opportunities risk provides. Designers Diego Rodriguez and Ryan Jacoby of the design firm IDEO write about risk from a design point of view, but Fleischer quite rightly points out that there are parallels for innovators as well.

Other articles in the current issue have such titles as "Understand the Risk of the Status Quo," "A Primer on the Management of Risk and Uncertainty," and "Bounded Awareness."

Author Nassim Nicholas Taleb touches on related issues in his new ChangeThis essay: Black Swans and the Impossibility of Prediction. Its central theme prompted me to ask, "what should we make of uncertainty?"

The "risk issue" is a product of the Rotman School of Management. A PDF may be found here.