What is an IdeaFestival anyway?

I have taken it upon myself to spread-the-word about the IdeaFestival to my homeland - Canada.

As a Toronto import, there is a huge opportunity to tap into the minds and brainpower of Canada's biggest city. And yes, Toronto does have thinkers, innovators... and even summers that reach into the 90's.

Just last week during a phone call with an old colleague, I of course started my rant about the IdeaFestival. And when I use the term rant, I want to compare it to a well known Canadian commercial for Molson beer.

Well, after my 5 minute rant a-boot the IdeaFestival and that he needed to come and bring everyone he knows, he asked me in a confused but interested tone "so what is an IdeaFestival?"

Good question.

What do you think the IdeaFestival is?

Brett, beaver lover.