Kenya's going to hate this

Kenya_2_years_stacked_2 Dogs exhibit brain asymmetry, according to "If You Want to Know if Spot Loves You So..."

While some researchers have argued that only humans show brain asymmetry — based on the evolution of language in the left brain — strong left and right biases are showing up in the brains of many so-called simpler creatures....

For many shepherd breeds like our seven year old Shiloh Shepherd, Kenya, cool logic prevails. I think she loves me, but it's not in the little Fraulein's nature to be that expressive. And being called "simple" would not be wise - she's a great farm hand and best friend to our two boys.

I'm not messing that up. So naturally I'm excited now that I can just watch to which side her tail tends to wag -- slightly right, she loves me - slightly left, she loves me not.

I might be able to crack the shepherd code, to get inside her rational little head. I can't wait.

It will irritate her to no end.