TED's excellent video adventure

TED has relaunched its site with a nice new interface that serves as a visual guide to the TEDtalks released in the past 12 months or so.

I've watched many of them, but I was reminded of one, Sir Ken Robinson's talk on schools and creativity as I sat down to write today (he's awfully funny by the way).

When I walked my son into his elementary school this morning, taped up in the windows and strung along the hallway like bunting were grade school drawings and watercolors of the Mona Lisa, smiling impishly. The drawings were everywhere, dozens and dozens of them, perhaps hundreds, many of them featuring an interesting and highly individual take on that wan, knowing smile.

The idea that schools often educate our children out of creativity is a valid point - as is the idea that we only teach our children from the neck up. But I think the lady is saying something, Sir Ken.

I was in the midst of an insurrection.