Laptop XO, gaming platform?

At the Spotlight on Digital Media and Learning, Benjamin Stokes offers a couple of macro shifts he thinks might be occurring in gaming, one of which could be the beginning of a shift away from traditional consoles like Nintendo and PS2 toward something else.

He links to a post, Games for Good, which had this to say about a potential gaming platform that I hadn't considered before, Laptop XO.

Given that One Laptop Per Child, the brainchild of MIT’s Nicholas Negroponte, aims to seed delivery of 10 million machines to children in undeveloped countries by the end of 2008, 50 million by 2010, and 150 million million thereafter—with the goal of eventually distributing a laptop to every child in the undeveloped world—it’s not hard to see why Suzanne Seggerman, a founder of Games For Change, described the development as “the single biggest thing to happen to our community, perhaps ever.”

It’s also a great challenge, one that even [S.J.] Klein [who keynoted the recent Game Developers Conference] acknowledged. It will require developers to completely rethink their approach to serious games, which are often designed using conventions and motifs that target specific populations of literate, well-educated, already tech-savvy gamers—precisely the opposite of Laptop XO’s target users....

Given my belief that virtuality could make the next generationa a bit smarter, I really dig that.