Put your hands up and step away from the Macbook

The Register has published a nice piece on Intel anthropologist Genevieve Bell, who believes tech can indeed be tedious.

I've mentioned Ms. Bell before, but in addition to her study of the cultural subversion of technology, the Register article brought this mystery to my attention:

Bell says people outside the mainstream are often more useful in determining attitudes of the whole, though we didn't entirely understand why.

Though I'm clearly not ready to pitch the electronics, the constant chirp of technology can be tiring - and there are times when I think the culture around me could benefit from some time on the therapy couch. But like Dr. Bell, I've been privileged to get to know some people who've made a commitment to an alternative, to slow living.

The Mays Lick Asparagus Festival is on the horizon and I can't wait.


Hat tip: Putting People First.