Language of light

In a follow up on a story he wrote about a single photon server, Roland Piquepaille at ZDNet has written that French researchers have managed to record the life of a photon, something previously thought impossible.

French researchers ... have used ultra cold atoms of rubidium to record the full life of a photon.This was one of Einstein's dreams, but it was thought as an impossible one before. In fact, a photon disappears when it delivers its information. But with what has been described as an 'experimental masterwork,' the physicists have observed the 'quantum jumps' done by single photons for as long as half a second. This discovery should lead to important developments for future high performance computers and quantum computing — and certainly to the field of physics.

I'm attracted to the words, "a photon disappears when it delivers its information, which, if I'm not mistaken, is synonymous with "deliver its energy." Piquepaille has also made note of quantum biology on his blog.

I don't know what I don't know about quantum computing, but the idea that physics, or for that matter, biology, is fundamentally information just fascinates me.   


Wikipedia: qubit