Science, skepticism and powers of mind

The 2004 ideaFestival featured an event with Elizabeth Mayer a well-known clinical psychologist and researcher at University of California, Berkeley. During her event she related an amazing personal story that led her (despite her inherent scientific skepticism) to explore the world of the paranormal. She was a fascinating and engaging speaker who took everyone on an incredible journey into the "possible" powers of the mind. At the time she was working on a book on her work, which I was looking forward to reading. Sadly, just a few months after appearing she died after a long illness. I assumed her book was never completed. But in this week's Newsweek I learned that, in fact she did finish the book just before her death entitled "Extraordinary Science: Science, Skepticism and the Inexplicable Powers of the Human Mind," and that it has just been published.

Her "experience" didn't cause Elizabeth to abandon her skepticism. But as she explained at the end of her IF event she did become a true believer in the fact that there are many things that we simply don't (or perhaps can't) fully understand.