Collider results support string theory?

Citing results from experiments recreating early states of the universe, Alan Boyle at Cosmic Log suggests that perhaps string theory can be put to the test after all.

Researchers at CERN and MIT have appealed to the hypothesized extra dimensions in string theory to explain the relative lack of energy seen in some recent particle collider results, and believe future experimentation at the Relativistic Heavy-Ion and Large Hadron Colliders could offer more empirical data in support of the math, which, so far, has raced far ahead of the evidence.

See Cosmic Log for more on the story and some links.

Like Boyle, the actual proof, such as it is, is well beyond my ability. I just find it interesting that, beginning with Democritus, our ancient theorizing about the nature of reality may finally be met by an equally thrilling glimpse at the ancient reality of nature. If so, perhaps the divide characterizing the problem of knowledge has narrowed a bit.


Wikipedia: Atomism, string theory