Trey Ratcliff, image maker, interviewed has posted an interview with a photographer that I like very much, Trey Ratcliff, who has runs the popular photography site, nee travelog, Stuck in Customs.

In the interview he discusses his his professional life (running an online gaming company), his approach to photography (one technique "brings the phi ratio to colors and luminosity rather than to geometry and angles") and his bad right eye, which, he explains, has contributed to the development of his art.

There is a compact richness in his work that I like, as in this photo of a Roman man, Vespucci, he references in the interview. The textual description accompanying the portrait is likewise spare and complete:

Vespucci's dream is to find his son and tell him important things.

Just what do you add to that description?

Check out his "best of" portfolio at Flickr, or just visit Stuck in Customs and take the feed. Ratcliff does great things with light.