Paper hearts, mad science

Via Arts & Letter Daily, a fascinating New Yorker article, The Origami Lab, about former physicist Dr. Robert J. Lang, who left science for origami.

Except he didn't, quite:

One medical manufacturing company hired him to figure out how to fold a heart implant—a mesh heart support designed for people with congestive heart failure—so that it was compact enough to be implanted via a skinny tube but, when released from the tube, would unfurl properly around the heart. Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory had him work on a similar folding problem, but this time the thing being folded was a telescope with a lens a hundred metres in diameter which had to be packed into a rocket so it could be sent into space.

As someone with an in an interest in the functional arts - studio furniture, mostly, Lang's prowess with a single sheet of paper gives the words "functioning" and "art" new meaning.


Wikipedia: origami