Swivel: Please! Say it with data

Swivel, a really interesting place where data is uploaded and massaged into all manner of graphic geekery has a company web log that I scan (due diligence and all that). On Wednesday, filed a report declaring half of the Internet missing in action:

I've always been amazed by the popularity of text on the Internet. Whowould have guessed that the largest agglomeration of computing power in the history of the planet would be used to serve up ... prose? Where are all those facts and figures that computers are supposed to be so handy with? How is it that the Web is so text-rich, and data-poor?

Now the point of Swivel of course is to turn up all that missing data, but the observation seemed appropriate for week-ending post.

Incidentally, Swivel is also in the current issue of Fast Company. Check it out. And in all seriousness, I think the company is on to something.