Adding beauty to progress

Innovation as a subject matter is accessible, for me, interms of design. In this NextD interview, Malcolm Gladwell, the author of Blink, talks about systems thinking and connecting the dots in a way that naturally raises innovation questions in my mind.

The interview alludes to "bisociation," a thinking skill employing deep and focused understanding with a parallel ability to "thin slice" (recognize patterns from very little data) the external environment accurately. Understanding "thin slicing" as one-half of bisociation interests me because, while skill can be acquired with hard work, thin slicing in the creative process is far more mysterious and important. Combining great skill with great choices makes for great design.

Knowing how thin-sliced decisions lead to better design is in my view part of the innovation challenge for anyone interested in what it takes to outperform the competition, whether in business or in the making of studio furniture, my hobby passion. It could certainly add beauty to progress.