"Five things" you didn't know

Well, Bruno, I was thinking about it when you asked. Thanks for the invite. Having scratched out this list I realize it's perhaps more of a public confession than anything else, but here are five things you are probably didn't know about me:

  • I was a poor to average student throughout most of my formal education, often getting into trouble in public grade school for rushing through my assigned work so that I could thumb through the aging Encyclopedia Britannica volumes in the back of most class rooms. With due apologies to the public school system in northern Louisiana, I learned as much from the encyclopedias.
  • Though not Roman Catholic, I attended St. Johns' University in Minnesota, which is also the home of some famous architecture and 150 or so Benedictine monks, making it one of the larger monasteries in the world. "Collegeville" is in the middle of the area popularized by American essayist and humorist Garrison Keillor as Lake Wobegon. And for the record, the women, mostly of German and Scandinavian descent, really are strong.
  • For the past decade, I've lived on a small working asparagus and beef cattle farm in Central Kentucky, which is managed by my wife. For fun, I tend grafted chestnut trees in a small orchard I planted. Because chestnut blight decimated the American Chestnut population in the Appalachian range, chestnuts grown east of the Mississippi river in the United States are still relatively rare.
  • I'm an introvert, which broadly, sadly, sometimes means I prefer the company of ideas more than people - "INTP" on the Myers-Briggs scale for those you keeping score. I'm working on it. It also probably explains my unnatural attraction to philosophy, and in particular, epistemology. Nonetheless, crouching invisibly behind your computer screen and writing about ideas for the ideaFestival is just about the perfect match of man and means.
  • And finally, since this public confession is so popular, you should know I'm theistic - in part because it's intellectually rewarding. Unlike partisans on either side of the God divide, I'm not mad about it.