Artful math: living with contradiction

I realize I'm a couple of years late, but I'm sorry I missed this lecture on "blended reality" from multi-media and conceptual artist Kathleen Ruiz. Hosted by the University of Richmond's Mathematics and Computer Science Department, the lecture was part of a university initiative on pressing societal questions (the question recently: how to ask good questions) and held in conjunction with the art exhibit, New Math: Contemporary Art and the Mathematical Instinct.

For another take on the physics of math, this MIT sponsored lecture (Real video) by David P. DiVincenzo on the origins and directions of quantum computing also appeals. According to the introduction (I haven't listened yet), DiVencenzo spends most of the lecture laying out the concepts involved, not, thankfully, the mathematics.

Should you believe that art and quantum information theory are unrelated, let me explain. One is computational art, the other artful computation.

Both inhabit contradiction.