Edge: Why be optimistic?

One hundred and sixty people have answered the 2007 question at The Edge, What Are You Optimistic About? Why?

Click on the names below to read the full replies. At Lunch over IP, Bruno Giussani also picks out a few responses if you'd like another sampling.

Saying he's interested in "post-symbolic" communication, Jaron Lanier is optimistic, in part, that "Rationality Will Become Ever More Romantic."

"Applied epistemologist" Nassim Nicholas Taleb is optimistic that a stochastic science will emerge.

"Poincaré, Radiodurans and Teletransportation" move Francesco De Pretis.

And linking what separates us from all other known species - imagined alternatives - to "the long period of protected immaturity," Alison Gopnik is optimistic, simply, that "New Children Will be Born."