Wanted: a few good anthropologists

Putting People First describes emerging trends identified by a foresight study commissioned in the UK. Some of the results look familiar - a "content revolution" enabled by personal media, the "digitisation" of knowledge, embedded technology - while others are more surprising. Will virtually all physical assets, ranging from property to appliances, be leased rather than owned by businesses and consumers?

The UK Office of Science and Innovation also commissioned a more specific study of science and technology trends. Again, some findings were not unexpected - the further development of ambient and wearable technology, and the end of "cyberspace" as a distinct place. But "the rise of applied anthropology" was a bit of a surprise at first. On the other hand, ubiquitous technology will give a social science dedicated to the exploration of society and its artifacts much to examine.

Go to Putting People First for more results and plenty of links.


Wikipedia: Applied Anthropology, Philosophy of Technology