Phenomenal capitalists

I love this business writing at the beginning of "A More Powerful Path."

Business changes the world - at every moment, in myriad ways, for good and ill. Decisions in boardrooms or on factory floors set in motion both staggering progress and far-reaching disasters: Microsoft tweaks its software and rearranges the virtual desktops of millions of people, shaping how they work every day. BP apparently shrugs off maintenance, and oil pours from a corroded pipeline into Prudhoe Bay. Wal-Mart shifts its gaze, just slightly, and drives organic produce to folks whose income once limited them to preservative-laden processed food.

But unlike the chaos-theory-butterfly, business is not an uncalculating force of nature. It can behave with intention.

FastCompany hands out its social capitalist awards in the December|January issue.

Much has been made - and rightly so - of the application of science and methodology to business, but the one deep discovery available to every business person, everywhere, is intention.

Be the change.


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