In a previous post I alluded to an interesting idea that has emerged from work surrounding the ideaFestival (IF). This idea centers on our concept of "convergence"...defined here as "the finding, combining and recombining of diverse knowledge and ideas into a coherent pattern of thought and application". It's clear that successful innovation involves not only the acquiring of information but also the ability to effectively integrate, combine, retrieve and apply this knowledge. One of the things that led to the creation of the Festival was our "observation" that much of the dynamic innovation we were witnessing worldwide in science and technology, business, the arts, design, philosophy, education etc. was in fact arising from the successful integration and application of different areas of knowledge. Another key assumption here is that the act and process of convergence...which occurs on both a conscious and pre-conscious level....can be "learned". The notion of "learning" in this context has some interesting neurobiological implications. The idea of convergence has begun to influence a lot of our thinking about IF and where we want to take it in the future. I will be discussing much more about this concept as it continues to take shape.