Make me perfect: Divine technology

Because any company worth $100 billion draws attention, one of the hottest games on the web is guessing what Google is up to.

So, for instance, Robert Cringley writes that Google's purchase of all that fiber is infrastructure for a nervous system with Google at its head. Fiber optic cable can transmit information at almost unlimited speeds.

There will be the Internet, and then there will be the Google Internet, superimposed on top. We'll use it without even knowing. The Google Internet will be faster, safer, and cheaper.

Cringley calls it a Google-Mart strategy.

According to Nicholas Carr, Google is a wee bit more ambitious, seeking to create a mind with the help of a Google nervous system. A segment of technophiles, Carr points out, put a lot of faith in technology. Divine technology is a theme he's been spending a lot of time on lately. As for Carr, he's not quite ready to be debugged.

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