Kevin Smokler's head (almost) explodes

Kevin Smokler writes about his experiences at the ideaFestival.

I've heard inventor Ray Kurzweil inform us that we are only a decade and a half away from computers having the processing power of the human brain, witnessed DJ Spooky remixing "Birth of a Nation" live and science writer K.C. Coleexplain quantum mechanics in 10 minutes better than my college professors did in 4 months. Along the way, I also missed a presentation on Zora Neal Hurston, another on the mind of Leonardo Da Vinci, and a third on the special effects wizardry of The Matrix. I'm disappointed on the one hand: When will be able to hit on those three topics in a single afternoon again? On the other I'm relieved, because the psychic contradiction they raise may have made my head explode: At the Idea Festival, you feel smart and stupid at the exact same time.

Go read the whole thing.

Thanks Kevin.