Social entrepreneurs: heart surgeons

Jock_brandis_01Stan Curtis, Harry Pickens, Michael Blowen, Jock Brandis, Game Changers all, are speaking on a single subject, passion. I wish you could be here.

Stan Curtis believes there are three types of people, those who watch, those who make and those who wonder what happened. Stan Curtis has PASSION for feeding the hungry, that much is completely clear.

Curtis: only 90 percent of philanthropic dollars (in the United States?) go to serve non-impoverished people. That's 10 percent of 248 BILLION dollars (is the figure of $248b right?). He believes that hunger affects learning, so that the friends of my children who may be hungry will be under qualified for work and careers.

He believes that volunteerism has not yet taken hold. He asks his audience to "go from success to significance."

Jock Brandis (pictured) speaks on appropriate technology. A pedal powered peanut sheller, one of his inventions, sits just outside the door of the room. The machine is made from easily sourced raw materials and can reduce by a factor of 40 the time spent hulling peanuts. Eighty percent of economy in Malawi is based on subsistence agriculture so appropriate technology can lift an entire economy.

Jock says he didn't change the game (a reference to the name of session, 'Game Changers'), "he ambushed the game."

Harry Pickens claims he's not a social entrepreneur, just a huge fan of social entrepreneurs. He's clear, direct, vocal. Referencing the other panel members: "these people have a heart for humanity and a mind for business." They combine passion and discipline to get things done.


Photo: Geoff Oliver Bugbee,