Quantum leaps: teleporting demonstrated

Scientists demonstrate teleportation according to Dave Munger at Cognitive Daily, who also raises this small point:

The article goes on to point out that we're still a long way from Star Trek-style teleportation, but it doesbring up my favorite Star Trek dilemma. If you are subjected to teleportation, your molecules are disassembled and reassembled somewhere else, right? Even if the newly created being has all your thoughts and memories, is it still you? Wasn't the original destroyed? From your perspective, haven't you died?

The original CNN article is here.

First thought: these quantum spooks are messing with our neat categories aren't they? Here, not here? - aligned, not aligned? - Dead, not dead?

Second thought: I'm at this moment picturing a mind blowing demo at the '07 ideaFestival.


Wikipedia: entanglement