Maverick measures

Guy Kawasaki interviews Polly LaBarre regarding her new book, co-authored with William Taylor, Mavericks at Work.

In her view, mavericks are rebels (with a cause), humbled (by the ideas that urge them forward), don't need permission to act and are generous with their time and talents.

In other words, they lead.

Favorite question from Guy:

Question: What’s the difference between open-source innovation and listening to the customer?

Answer: The open-source insight is simply that you don’t have to be smart enough to have all the answers-you just have to be smart enough to invite other people to play in your sandbox.

My paraphrase: customers buy what you're selling in more ways than one.

Polly LaBarre, a long time editor at FastCompany, will be discussing work mavericks Oct. 13 at the ideaFestival in Louisville, Kentucky.