Sound mind, sound reason

Cognitive Daily links to an interesting new blog, Sound and Mind, which will write (frequently, I hope) on music and cognition. Since posting E-minors and String Theory, I've been interesting in the aesthetic links to "non-Euclidean space" ("music" for nerds), what Alan Boyle called in one of his columns the Geometry of Music. Author Daniel J. Levitin calls the growing neurological understanding Your Brain on Music.

If, like me, you enjoy exploring these links, the long-concluded Art and Cognition virtual conference makes available a number of contributions, like Beauty and the Mind: Lessons from Kant, that may be of interest. The AlphaPsy blog - again, found courtesy of Cognitive Daily - appears to be another great source of information. The blog tag line, "humanities and human nature," intrigues, since it brings to bear all of our current understanding, not just the knowledge from science, to these mysteries.