Drucker, no time to waste

Evelyn Rodriguez, in typical style, notes the passing of Peter Drucker by pointing out that he had something to say about spirituality. Her post reminded me of another story.

I once heard my pastor talk about a giant glass jar in his office. Sometime several years ago he decided that according to average life expectancy he didn't have long to live. And he decided that he didn't want to waste any more of the time he had left. So he put a number of marbles in that glass jar -- each marble corresponding to a day in his life that he could expect to live -- to remind him of that decision.

At the end of each day he would take one marble from the jar and put it in a second glass jar before leaving for home.

Like restless minds, I'm drawn to restless spirits. Neither my pastor nor Evelyn have time to waste. And from what I've read about Peter Drucker, neither did he.

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