Go. Know.

I was struck in "Body thinking, we know more than we can tell" about the latent knowledge in our limbs. I recently ran across a similar idea in Alison Gopnik's paper, "Words, kinds and causal powers: A "theory theory" perspective on early naming and categorization."

"Theory theory," according to Gopnik, suggests "that much of our adult knowledge, particularly our knowledge of the physical, biological and psychological world, consists of 'intuitive' or 'naive' or 'folk' theories," which she compares to scientific inquiry in that both methods rely on testing and predicting the river of causality. In her view Bayes-Nets can model that kind of causality.

A bit later when applying theory theory to naming and categorizing, Gopnik points out that in some languages verbs precede nouns in language development.

In both dance and the application of "theory theory" in Gopnik's work I find a similar idea. Causality and meaning are joined in movement, and in this movement an understanding, a benediction if you will.

Go. Know.

Here is a critical reading of "theory theory."