IBM: CEOs thinking of "fundamental" changes

Business Innovation Insider highlights IBM's report, "Expanding the Innovation Horizon," which suggests that CEOs are thinking big when it comes to innovation. In his post, Dominic points out that the report surveys global CEOs from around the world, avoiding the kind of U.S. centered view that Bruno Giussani rightly criticizes in his review of Chris Anderson's new book, "The Long Tail," and giving the survey results a bit more heft.

I was particularly struck by the lead on IBM's page devoted to the report:

Over the next two years, two-thirds of corporate CEOs say they're going to need to make fundamental changes to their business.

And it's not just changes to the product services mix, but rather, changes to business operations and models. The two-thirds figure really strikes me as high. Does anyone else see it that way? Could that many CEOs really be planning "fundamental" changes in their businesses?"

The entire report is here. Thanks Dominic for the link.