Wealth of (networked) knowledge

Just as I did earlier this week, Nicholas Carr has linked to Ethan Zuckerman's Wikimania post on the differences between open source and Wikipedia in value production. In doing so, he gets, again, to the nut of what I think is an important issue: to what extent will cooperative production replace price and management in the development of value?

I've been interested in Yochai Benkler since reading about his work in the June 2005 BusinessWeek article "The Power of Us" and continue, obviously, to be fascinated with the question of cooperative value creation he raised for its intellectual stickiness. Issues from economics to philosophy to theology adhere.

Given the enormity of the task as outlined by Jimmy Wales (thanks for the link Ethan), Wikipedians have their work cut out. Unlike the production of tangible goods, the production of knowledge is beset with issues related to knowing, which Ethan begins to outline in yesterday's follow up post on the language issue. He suggests the "translation and localization" issues are immense and I would agree. Language has just as much utility in its reception as it does in its creation.

I'll be interested - now that he's confirmed for the ideaFestival - in hearing Ethan further elaborate on  what he sees as the knowing issues in the development of a universally accepted encyclopedia.