NBC, YouTube deal

NBC and YouTube have sealed a business deal, according to Steve Rubel at Micro Persuasion. The Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday that the broadcasting company will make promotional clips available, market its new fall line of shows using YouTube and promote the narrowcaster on television.

As one person points out on Steve's blog, NBC only recently raised a big stink when a clip of Saturday Night Live appeared on YouTube. Yesterday's foe is today's ally I guess.

Thanks to the continuing development of media software and the explosion of storage and bandwidth, the "mass" in mass media is more problematic than it has ever been. To illustrate the point, Johnnie Moore links to a story and Alexa chart tracking the reach of the New York Times v. YouTube. I've seen these kinds of charts several times, but the point is still salient. Media distribution is a tough business these days and there will be business winners and business losers as media creators and distributors seek a favorable position.

Apple, for example, now makes lossless video production possible in its ACC format and Engadget speculates that this could open the door to tiered pricing on iTunes, something Cupertino has thus far opposed. More to Apple's liking, it might also spur sales of the iPod or some future Apple designed hardware. Though the company has made of habit of making the right moves lately, you get the idea.

What to do?


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