Does "snack sized" video say anything?

I can see filmmakers nodding in agreement.

Saying he's "not impressed" with the rollout out of Gawker Clips, the "snack sized" videos from the blog empire, Steve Rubel at Micro Persuasion suggests that Gawker create a dedicated video blog, not a collection of clips from its properties.

Like the snap and crackle of old vinyl records, there's something about a moving image that is still organic and received a bit differently. Sure it can be aggregated, but I think we're a little more likely to be offended at the combined product. It's not quite art, not quite commerce - though in the end it may prove to be good business.

Steve makes the larger point that "it's difficult to build sustainable brands across multiple forms of social media," and I agree. But more than that, the creative in me is taking a dislike to the word "aggregate," particularly when context is removed.


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