Aula2006 wrap up

I had really meant to get to this earlier, but the recently concluded Aula2006 conference that I mentioned last week must have been fascinating.

The DIY, or the "make" movement, "social peripheral vision," the "two megatrends in the world, 'cities and digits,'" "personal velocity" and ubiquitous computing, or "everyware," are some of the ideas broached during the conference. Clay Shirky, one of my all time favorite digital thinkers, also drew out some of the implications of the open source movement for society at large. Key quote:

organizations that want to encourage innovation should focus on reducing the cost of failure rather than focusing on minimizing its likelihood, as most companies do today.

It's one sentiment with which I completely agree.

See Bruno Giussani's posts, Aula2006: Failure for free, and a rainforest of interfaces and Aula2006: Everyware, personal velocity, and the open-source car for more detail.

Thanks so much for writing about what you heard, Bruno.

While you're Lunch over IP, check out Bruno's piece on Aubrey De Grey. Is aging a disease?


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