Blogging, we'll understand it later

The "I-was-wrong-about-blogging" confessional is required writing from serious people these days. And Reason columnist Matt Welch obliges, saying new media hype got the better of him at one time.

I take his point.

Fortunately for me, the really hairy stuff never made it from my head to pixel and print.

Like the printing press, books, radio and the television, blogs reflect the people behind them. Personal media is a tool with subtleties that I'm learning as I go along - and organizations ignore it at their peril - but the medium doesn't miraculously call forth previously hidden virtue.

Jim Griffin, according to Bruno Giussani, expresses a sentiment from Marshall McLuhan that also applies here:

'We never understand the media of our time. It's like the air we breath, we can't get the context for it. We can't perceive the field from within the field. We will only know our media through the rearview mirror', understand them through history.

Bearing that in mind, my current thinking is that hyperlinks don't subvert hierarchies, they expose them.

Which, for for a quietly competitive guy isn't all bad.

Hat tip: Arts&Letters Daily.


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