Aula2006: moving around forever

Supplying a few synonyms for the word "movement," Bruno Giussani says he will attend part of Aula2006, which looks to be a very interesting conference around that same theme.

Aula, Bruno says, is "a sort of think tank" founded by a group of "techies-designers-philosophers" in Finland. And the people invited to attend the current meeting - Clay Shirky and Cory Doctorow, among others - are in my opinion some of the best at thinking about virtual movement around the digital world.

Like Bruno, I'm very interested in the "bi-reality" being created between our flesh and blood and our digital selves, and thinking of being always on or ever present as moving through time is appealing for what it suggests about being "bi-real."

The landscape is certainly lush. Ethnographers and psychNologists in the here and now are currently taking notes on the digital flora and fauna.

But since Bruno mentioned philosophers, my mind went also to phenomenology, which I believe can add depth to the notion of being ever-present. One of my favorite quotes is from Martin Heidegger, who said that "as soon as we come to be, we find that we already are," which has been a useful idea - yes, really - to continental philosophers and theologians like Jean-Luc Marion. Marion's thought and post-metaphysical theology can be found on the web and is instructive for its take on another kind of virtuality.

In a world where the future will be cached, another synonym for movement, Bruno, is forever. Eternity is one big, thick theme. Wish I could be at the conference.       


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