Gatekeeping is being democratized

I'm a fan of Tom Evslin. He's an old telecom and information technology pro with a very forward looking take on the industry. Here he talks about gatekeepers and choice, pointing out of course that gatekeepers limit choice. He doesn't argue that gatekeepers have no role, after all, there is as he says a lot of crap out there. We rely on others to narrow our choices and avoid the really bad stuff.

But he makes a crucial second point. Some gatekeepers inherited a certain status because they offered a valuable service AND they stood astride the chokepoints. The difference today is that you and I can get the news and not depend on someone else's word. In the publishing business, gatekeeping is being democratized.

While you're there, read this post where he says "nothing great has ever been accomplished without irrational exuberance."

Alas, I will never have Tom's beard.