Digital craft: art and media

Arts and Crafts for the Digital Age (NY Times, free registration required) is a pleasant story about the future. It asks the question, what is digital craft?

PicoCricket Kits are the brainchild of Mitchel Resnick, an assistant professor of learning research at the MIT Media Lab, who is also partly responsible for the LEGO MINDSTORMS construction kits introduced in 1998. The Media Lab is related to MIT's Center for Bits and Atoms, which is exploring how we get from "bits" from "its", the Pythagorean dream of realizing the numbers behind life, art and music.

Modern craft magazine Make says that "The PicoCricket Kit is similar to the LEGO MINDSTORMS robotics kits. MINDSTORMS is designed especially for making robots, while the PicoCricket Kit is designed for making artistic creations with lights, sound, music, and motion."

What interests me is that, unlike traditional craft, digital craft is also media, whose form can and has been explored by thinkers as diverse as Mary Shelly and Marshall McLuhan and David Chalmers.


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